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Buses in Ireland

Getting around Ireland is easy, with loads of buses coming and going to Killarney every day I am sure you can find one that suits your needs. Here are some useful links to bus services in Ireland that will help you get to Killarney and around Ireland.

Bus Eireann (buses to Killarney)

Dublin bus



Irish Train Service

You can also get to Killarney by train. It isn’t as frequent and is a bit more expensive than a bus but there is a noticeable difference in comfort.

Irish rail

Traveling In and Around Killarney

While you are in Killarney there are a number of ways of getting from A- B including car rental, bike hire and of course our trusted local taxi service.

Taxi Company Killarney

Taxi Company Dingle

Bike rental Killarney

Car rental

A Nationwide car rental comparison site

Bus Hire

If you are coming with a large group it might be easiest to hire a bus for the entire trip. Get in touch with our local bus hire company for more details

Bus hire


Of course if none of the above suit you and you would like us to organise something else please contact with us.


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